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Halifax Hispania

To anyone who is using Halifax Hispania...they are being bought out by Sabadell. Not sure when but deal has gone through. Banking should not change so don't have to worry. Just thought customers should be aware, you should all be receiving letters shortly.

5 dead in Cruise Ship lifeboat safety drill in Spain.

LA PALMA, Canary Islands — A lifeboat being used on a safety drill aboard a cruise ship in Spain's Canary Islands fell about 65 feet (20 meters) into a port on Sunday when a cable snapped, trapping crew members beneath it and killing five of them, officials said. http://youtu.be/cwn-W7IEIL8

None of the hundreds of passengers aboard the British-operated vessel were involved in the accident, which also injured three crew members, said the Canary Islands port authority.

Divers raced to the lifeboat, which had hit the water upside down, recovering four bodies and trying without success to revive a fifth crewman who had stopped breathing, the authority said.

Thomson Cruises confirmed the accident and the casualties aboard its Thomson Majesty ship on the island of La Palma, saying the three injured crewmen were not badly hurt.

The ship docked at the island's port of Santa Cruz in the morning, after arriving there from the neighboring island of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It was due to depart at 3 p.m. for Funchal on the mid-Atlantic island of Madeira with 1,498 passengers and 594 crew aboard, the authority said.

At 10:30 a.m. a drill consisting of lowering a lifeboat with crew members aboard began.

About an hour later, when the lifeboat was being hoisted back up to the deck, a cable holding it snapped and a hook holding the lifeboat on a second cable gave way, sending the lifeboat plunging into the port upside down, the authority said in a statement.

An alarm was sounded and port authorities were alerted. The captain of the cruise ship called for the divers who arrived at the capsized lifeboat.

The dead crewmen included three Indonesians, a Filipino and a Ghanian, authorities said. The three injured crew members were taken by ambulance to a hospital in La Palma and the nationality of only one of them was immediately known: Greek.

Local authorities of La Palma canceled Carnival festivities that had been due to be held on the island Sunday, but said they would go ahead as planned on Monday.


Spain may end short-selling ban

Spain may end its ban on short-selling stocks and bonds this week as the euro zone crisis eases, although controls could remain for bank shares. The National Securities Market Commission has until Friday to decide whether to extend the ban. Ciara Sutton reports

Russian money laundering uncovered in Spain

Spanish police say they have dismantled a Russian gang accused of money laundering around 56 million euros.

The father and son headed a mafia network operating from the coastal town of Lloret de mar.

Their secretary and a local architect were also arrested.


King of Spain

Here is a new little video put together in idle moments on a Sunday night by David Leinweber. Special thanks to Jean Moon for her awesome string-bass playing on this track. If you will forgive a shameless plug, this song is part of a collection of historically-themed songs found on the Stories, Legends and Lies CDs. We have a nice little trio and enjoy sharing these songs, along with appropriate comments, to educational groups for kids and adults of all ages. Cheers!!!King of Spain http://youtu.be/nZ6C4it6oqw
By David Leinweber, ©2012

Horses brave the flames in Spain for ancient tradition

About 100 horsemen and women celebrate the centuries-old festival of San Bartolome de Pinares in Spain, a dramatic and controversial rite that sees people riding their horses through flames.

Vandals Throw Acid at Spanish Shops including Oxfam

Vandals threw acid on the windows of 57 luxury goods shops and charity Oxfam in Valencia, Spain, in the third such attack in a year, shop owners said.

A passing bicyclist called police after seeing a masked man spreading the acid graffiti on a shop wall Sunday night.

At least 20 of the 57 shops suffered extensive damage to their windows and permanent stains.

One of the shop owners, whose name was not reported, said insurance will not cover the damage since the windows are not broken.

"We've had the same policy for more than 60 years and they've never once met a claim for this type of vandalism," the retailer said. "So far, we've paid out over 6,000 euros [$7,971] in repairs through mindless attacks on our premises."

The vandals even damaged the Oxfam shop on Marques de Dos Aquas.

"We've been here 20 years and the public have always respected us, but not now," the manager said. "All of us who work here are volunteers and Oxfam is a charity, so it will cost us dearly to repair the damage -- out of money that should be helping to save lives in the third world."

Spain's 'Twelve Grapes' Tradition Began as Anti Establishment Protest in 19th Century

Spain's 'twelve grapes' tradition, now practised in a number of countries in Latin America, dates back to the 19th century as a way to make fun of the aristocracy and to ignore a Madrid City Council edict according to the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen 'Uva Embolsada del Vinalopó', which supplies 120,000 tonnes of the fruit for New Year's Eve celebrations, when Spaniards eat one grape for each chime of the clock at 12 midnight.
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Over 12 tons of hashish seized in Spain

Over 12 tons of hashish seized in Spain - Video on NBCNews.com
video.msnbc.msn.com/.../502970... - Estados Unidos - Traduzir esta página

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